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pirated spaces - informal architecture
ufo belgrade
transformers III

4. - 20. December 2003
Opening times: Mon - Sat 14:00 - 19:00, Sun 14:00 - 17:00
by appointment: Tel. 030 / 25 75 71 86

transformers III
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The final exhibition in the Transformer series, (following on from "Pirated Spaces: Informal
Architecture" and "Urban Fog of Belgrade") deals with the invasive and pervasive affects of
technology on our immediate environment and beyond. How has it come to be ingrained into
our daily lives and private sphere, and are we even aware of its presence?

Nic Clear in his video installation "Unheimlich" argues that we cannot escape the hold of
technology on our domestic environment, whether we are aware of it or not. Using a mix of
projected graphics and computer animation combined with video performance, his work looks
at the consequences of digital technology on how we create, represent and utilise domestic

Realities:United go one step further and present their prototype for a future living situation:
automatically generated video clips that can potentially furnish a flat. The design is planned for
the Bauhaus Kolleg Dessau and they will be presenting the project on the opening night,
together with John de Kron.

Claire Price takes a historical perspective of travelling through the data ether with her Stargate
Project, conducting a live internet experiment between London and Berlin.
(Stargate was the name given to the "psychic defense project" developed by the American
military during the cold war.) The experiment, to be undertaken during the first week of the show, consists of a Transmitter (in London) sending instructions via the email to a Receiver (in Berlin) about how to create an object. It is an experiment using a specific means of popular communication (email), stripping away conventional methods of design practice and its particular language of known signs and symbols, and replacing it with one that had entered into the everyday vernacular.

Artists/Architects AC Hottich engage directly with the specific language and clichés of
architectural practice, albeit tounge-in-cheek, and host a "soirée" presenting their new book A-
Z, This " book presentation without the book" will incorporate film, debates, readings and
performance, together with celebrated vibraphonist and experimental musician Christopher

"A-Zet" AC Hottich Mario Hohmann, Stefan Rettich, architects, Berlin/Leipzig
Amico Projekt Tim Edler, John deKron, Berlin/London
Stargate Claire Price, architect (The Facility), London
unheimlich Nic Clear, architect, London

Wednesday, 3. December, 21:00 Talk/Präsentation
Realities:United present the Amico prototype for Bauhaus Dessau and discussions with
John De Kron, Claire Price and Nic Clear.

Friday, 12. December 21:00 Talk/Präsentation
V wie Vitruv - AC Hottich and Christopher Dell, a book presentation without a book, with vibraphone and dia-show

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