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pirated spaces - informal architecture
ufo belgrade
transformers III


9. - 26. October 2003

pirated spaces - Informal architecture
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Exhibits work that reveals diverse "readings" of urban landscapes: Maria Papadimitriou's "Found Works" - images from the Roma community in Menidi, on the outskirts of Athens, becomes a wry comment on the focus of the international art market. Claudia Basrawi and Florian Braun regard a psychogeographical encounter with the city as a means of expressing a 'borderline' reality; a subjective gaze.

Büro International's investigations and questionnaires will evoke the setting of noticeboards as it addresses participatory strategies and references situationist practices in experiencing urban space. Space is something to be taken and made one's own - if only for a while:
the architects Deadline and the artist Santiago Cirugeda show ways in which a subtle choreography of situations applied to disused, or undervalued public terrain bends the rules and deliberately tampers with the politics of city spaces, making use of legal loopholes.
The architect Benjamin Foerster Baldenius with his mobile office demonstrates strategies of engagement with the disaffected younger generation of Halle Neustadt - an area facing chronic de-population and unemployment - and reveals how to circumnavigate the countless rules that
govern building with his design of a family house built in a Berlin allotment.

With "Spaces of Uncertainty" the architects Kenny Cupers and Markus Miessen have analysed the psychology of the in-between spaces of London, Berlin and Brussels, and the ephemeral architecture which occupies such marginal urban territories.
An urban investigation that similarly embraces 'dirty realism' rather than representational architecture is that of Pablo Leon de la Barra: anonymous buildings of informal suburbs in Mexico City offer an overview of a vernacular modernity.

A vernacular of a different kind - "left-over modern" within Berlin - has caught the oblique gaze of Oliver Elser and Andreas Muhs: is a unique ­ and unexpectedly popular - urban archive of architectural details, both construction and ornament, of Berlin's hitherto disregarded buildings of the 60's through to the 80's.
In two spatial interventions: Raumlabor and students of the BTU Cottbus with GOCJI will devise a wilful architecture for the space as a social attractor that demands attention, whilst 'wallpaper wall' (a site-specific work to be created by students of the Bartlett school of Architecture) transforms architectural details into ornament in a double-sided intervention."


Bartlett School of Architecture Ana Araujo, Evangelia Fotsi, Aslihan Senel, Willem de Brujin, London
Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius architect, Raumlabor, Berlin
Berlinaside Kenny Cuper, Markus Miessen, architects, Berlin/London
Büro International Oliver Klimpel, London, Sven Bjarke Wennik, Kopenhagen
Claudia Basrawi, Florian Braun writers and artists, Berlin
Deadline architects Mathew Griffin, Britta Jürgens, Berlin
Maria Papadimitriou artist, Athens
Pablo Leon de la Barra architect, London/Mexico City Oliver Elser, architectural critic, Vienna, Andreas Muhs, photographer, Berlin
Santiago Cirugeda artist, Sevilla
Technical University Cottbus Markus Bader, architect (Raumlabor), Martin Ostermann, architect and Ruben Arend, Marina Brown, Kerstin Günther, Marc Joly, Stephan Loos, Marion Mannhold, Wolfgang Meissner, Constantin Mercier, Arndt-Benedikt Willert-Klasing, Sabine Zweifel, students of architecture, Cottbus

Thursday, 9. October, 19:00
Talks:Transforming Practice

Maria Papadimitriou, TAMA, Athens:
the collaboration with the Roma community
Santiago Cirugeda, Sevilla:
artistic and architectural strategies for the occupation of public space by citizens, employing legal loopholes in order to develop parasitical and temporary architectures on the streets
Kenny Cupers and Markus Miessen, authors "Spaces of Uncertainty", Berlin/London
Ersatzstadt Stephan Lanz (urbanist) & Hermann Hiller (architect):
the planned cooperation between COOPA ROCA, Rio de Janeiro and the Volksbühne Berlin, and the unique transformations in recycled material designed by the Rocinha Woman's Artisan Cooperative in Rio de Janeioro

Friday, 10. October, 19:00
Talks: Reinventing DIY: Bending the rules and shaping your space

Deadline architects Matthew Griffin and Britta Jürgens:
on "Slender Bender" - on defying conventional building processes and on an architecture of self-sufficiency
Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius:
participatory architectural strategies - introducing the projects Treat in Berlin and the Hotel Neustadt in Halle
Jan Wenzel and Anne Koenig, Editors:
Spector - a collaborative project based in Leipzig and dealing with the shrinking cities
Susanne Hofmann and the Baupiloten, TU Berlin:
on the transformation of a school with fabulous architecture devised with children
Peanutz Architekten und showroom berlin:
Speeed Investor: Schneller als die Stadt erlaubt

Friday, 17. October, 19:00
Talks: The opulence of the ordinary

Pablo Leon de la Barra, Mexico/UK in conversation with Marjetica Potrj, Slovenia:
on the informal structures of favela housing and their relevance to architectural/artistic practice
Marjetica Potrc artist, Ljubljana
Caracas Urban Think Tank (CCSTT), Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner, Caracas:
Directors of the Caracas Think Tank, presenting, a large-scale interdisciplinary project on the favela (barrio)housing
Claudia Basrawi, writer, Berlin:
on urban psychogeographies
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