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Transformers will reflect tendencies within current architectural practice, together with strategies in contemporary art that focus on the urban realm. The intention behind this juxtaposition is to reveal a poetics of praxis which both informs, and transforms the way in which one perceives, intervenes in, and designs for the built environment. Transformers intends to create a zone of activation and speculation around informal strategies of appropriation of public space.

Collective strategies, a revival in participatory architectural practice and spontaneous and hybrid interventions all contribute to reforming, and re-engaging with urban terrain otherwise neglected, or in districts stymied by a lack of government funding. It seems that a lack of resources - albeit at different scales - within very distinct urban contexts is creating parallel processes of re-activation and alteration of the built environment on the part of the citizen. This merging of interests amongst architects from Berlin to Sao Paolo and Mexico City will be reflected throughout the series of exhibitions and events. (Francesca Ferguson, Curator)

In 3 episodes Transformers will feature

the artist/architect as archivist, mapping the city and transforming perceptions of the cityscape

the stretching and bending of the rules and materials that govern architectural practice and the built environment

the unplanned, anarchic urbanism of Belgrade and unique hybrid architectures that emerge as a result (curated by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Stevan Vukovic, Katherine Carl, Sabine von Fischer)

the manifestation and manipulation of data and information streams in architectural space reshaping the language of architecture
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